Top 5 Best Sports Positions for Men 5’8” and Under

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1) Running back

Barry Sanders. Maurice Jones-Drew. Darren Sproles. At 5’8” and under these guys had a tremendous athletic advantage: their center of gravity is lower, leading to better balance and more power in their run. It’s often been said in football that the low man wins, and these guys have got a head start.

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2) Point Guard

It’s easy to think of the disadvantages of being a small point guard, but what about the advantages? Point Guards 5’8” and under are remarkably quick and tough to block. 

On defense, these players are better able to shadow their offensive counterparts by moving their feet nimbly and consistently beating the offensive play to the spot. 

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Soccer is a great sport for men 5'8" and under -- especially the #10 position.

3) #10 position in Soccer

The number 10 position in soccer is traditionally an attacking midfielder who is the team’s most advanced playmaker. As most of soccer is played on the ground, the shorter players have an advantage as they are closer to the ball and more easily able to maneuver through defenses.

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4) Bodybuilder

There are two distinct advantages to being a bodybuilder 5’8” and under.

Firstly, bodybuilding is about size and proportion. The taller you are, the more mass you have to build to achieve the aesthetic look you want. 

Secondly, when actually performing weightlifting exercises like bicep curls or leg curls, there is less distance in the range of motion while training.

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5) Leadoff hitter

A leadoff hitter in baseball has two main responsibilities: get on base and score a run. With a smaller strike zone, baseball players 5’8” and under are more easily able to induce walks. And with a more compact swing, these hitters are much better able to make contact and avoid strikeouts.  


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Photo by Ruben Leija on Unsplash

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