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Pair Our Flow Shorts with Sneakers for Any Workout

Posted by Rachel Dukeman on

Proper fitting apparel is critical for maintaining a safe and effective fitness routine. Activewear that fits right can help prevent injury—you don’t want baggy clothing to get snagged on equipment while at the gym—and motivate you to workout harder. When your clothes fit right, you feel good.

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Shopping Resource Guide for Men 5’8” and Under

Posted by Ray Dukeman on

Have you ever walked into a clothing store and been overwhelmed by all the options? Us too! We’ve especially struggled to find clothes that fit properly for those of us 5’8” and under. Our first love was activewear, specifically shorts (in our humble opinion: the most comfortable weekend and gym staple). We needed shorts that fit—so we made them. ATK Apparel removes the guesswork for buying proper fitting shorts for the shorter man—and we want to make it easier for you to buy other clothes that fit as well. 

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