Style Tips for Men 5’8” and Under

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According to the Center for Disease Control, the average height of an American adult male is a little over 5’9”—yet most men’s clothing is designed to fit men who are 6’. If, like us, you are 5’8” or under, you are familiar with the struggle to find clothing that fits right. We needed shorts that fit—so we made them. And while we remove the guesswork for buying proper fitting shorts, we also want to help you fit right to feel good in all of your clothes. Below are our top styling tips for men 5’8” and under.


Get it hemmed

Since most clothing is designed for men with longer arms and legs than we have, we got used to wearing clothes that fit in the torso and waist—but which left material bunching or sagging around our wrists and ankles. Baggy clothing not only looks unprofessional but can also make you appear smaller than you are. Getting your pants hemmed so they stop right past the tops of your shoes will give you a much cleaner look. Unlike bespoke clothing which, though tailored to fit you properly, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single piece, hemming shirt and pant cuffs is much more affordable—usually only running you between $20-40.


Keep it simple

Vertical stripes, monochromatic colors, flat-fronted pants instead of pleated ones—these sorts of details encourage the eye to move up the body rather than down and create a flattering and elongated appearance. Alternatively, bold or busy patterns can cause odd breaks in the eye line that act as more of a distraction than a conversation starter.

Stylish menswear for short men 5'8" and under.  

Buy quality

Not only advice for men 5’8” and under but for us all: quality clothing is worth the time and money it takes to procure. As we learned during the process to create shorts that fit right, fabric matters. Different fabrics have different pull and elasticity and this means the clothing made with them will fit and fall differently—even if it bears the same size or inseam length as another article of clothing you own. It may take a little digging, but doing your research on where a brand’s fabrics come from will help you out in the long run.


Feel good

But above all else, we believe the most important style tip is to wear what feels good. At ATK Apparel, we know when our clothes fit right, we feel good.



Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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