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Proper fitting apparel is critical for maintaining a safe and effective fitness routine. Activewear that fits right can help prevent injury—you don’t want baggy clothing to get snagged on equipment while at the gym—and motivate you to workout harder. When your clothes fit right, you feel good.

At ATK Apparel, we know how hard it is to find shorts with the proper fit for men 5’8” and under—so we made them. Our Flow Shorts are specially tailored to hit above the knee for men 5’8” and under. Coming in five different fun-but-subtle colors, Flow Shorts’ triangle pattern gently fades from the waist down. Their moisture-wicking fabric will make them a workout stable, while their strong pockets—deep enough to hold a smartphone—will make your journey to and from the gym a breeze.

But what kinds of sneakers should you wear with our Flow Shorts? No matter what your favorite fitness routine is, we’ve got the answer for you.


For Running

Runners hit the ground with twice as much impact as they would if just walking, so cushioning is key. To get proper fitting running shoes, you want to pay special attention to the padding under the heels and the balls of your feet.


For Weightlifting

Whereas increased flexibility is needed for running, sneakers with stability will help you up your weightlifting game. You want hard-soled sneakers: soft soles can create ankle instability and cause an unequal distribution of weight. Classic Chuck Taylors are a great option.


For Cross Training

Since you’ll be performing a variety of exercises, you’ll want all-purpose sneakers that can offer flexibility and stability. At ATK Apparel, we know fit and comfort are not mutually exclusive. For cross training shoes, that means sneakers with room in the toes. When you jump or do squats, your toes spread out so you need to make sure there is enough space for them. Drop is important too. Similar to the inseam in a pair of shorts, the drop of a shoe is the difference in height from the heel to the toe. You’ll want little to zero drop in cross-training sneakers so you have a solid, flat surface for squats and deadlifts.


For Biking

The proper fit for cycling shoes means sneakers that are form-fitting but not too tight while also being lightweight and offering decent ventilation. Closures are significant too because you don’t want your laces to come undone and get tangled in your bike chain.


Whatever your favorite fitness routine, ATK Apparel’s Flow Shorts remove the guesswork from finding the proper workout apparel. We focus on fit so you don’t have to.




Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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