How to Fit Right to Feel Good in ATK Apparel Shorts

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Spring has found the East Coast, and that means its finally shorts weather! But how do you know if your shorts fit right? We’ve prepared this handy Fit Guide to eliminate the search and provide you with proper fitting activewear ASAP.

We at ATK Apparel have spent most of our adolescence and adulthood in shorts, but it wasn’t until we designed our own that we figured out the trick to proper fit: a rise—the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband—tailored to the height of men 5’8” and under. The rise of the shorts determines where they fall on your body: too long and they’ll be baggy, too short and they won’t fit.

Accurate measurements make tailored clothes.

So how do you choose your size? Start with your waist measurement—the area just above your upper hip bone. If you’re not sure where to measure, start by squeezing your waist slightly and moving your fingers downward until you feel the tops of your hip bones. You want to measure the circumference of the area just above this.

 For our shorts, the waist sizes measure as follows:












Your inseam is the next most important measurement. This is the length of the seam from the middle of the crotch seam to the hem of your shorts. You want your shorts to fall just above the knee—which you can be sure to get in both our Performance Shorts and our Flow shorts. If you have a pair of shorts that already fit well, you can lay them down on the floor or another flat surface and measure their inseam to figure yours out. But no worries if you don’t. We are purveyors of proportion and did the work for you: all of our shorts are carefully tailored to fit the proportions of an adult male 5’8” and under.

Get the most out of this weather with ATK Apparel activewear. Whether playing football in the park or in your backyard with your kids, we know you want to be comfortable. Our multipurpose shorts are guaranteed to fit you right—when they fit right, you feel good.

Still have questions? Not a problem—we know how hard it can be to figure out the proper fit. Email us with any of your questions at


Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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