ATK Apparel’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Our fathers are great, but we can sometimes be stumped by what to buy them. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we put our heads together to come up with all-purpose gift ideas that focus on fit and span from the much-needed to the unexpected.


The Practical Gift

Socks, boxer shorts, toothbrushes, travel mugs. These might sound less-than-inspired, but we know we often skimp when it comes to getting the necessities for ourselves—so why not get our dads the nicer necessities with the proper fit so they can have a little treat every day?


The Motivator

Dad life means putting our families first, and it can be hard to find the time to go to the gym or focus on our fitness. Well, the right activewear can change all that. Clothing with the proper fit will encourage dads to get to the gym and be more productive while there. And we’ve got the best activewear for dads 5’8” and under right here: our Flow Shorts and Performance Shorts.


The Surprise

Often, the best gifts are those we would never buy for ourselves. Is Dad a wine-lover? Why not wine-tasting classes. More of a beer guy? Philly has a slew of microbreweries that offer tours and tastings, and we’re sure your city does too. Or instead of that pre-event scramble, what about getting dad a suit with the proper fit right now?

 For Dad's 5'8" and under, ATK Apparel athletic shorts for short men is the perfect gift to keep them moving all summer long.

The Adventure-Maker

Sometimes, to up our fitness dose, we like to get out of the gym and into nature. Whether your father is a water-, woods- or mountain-lover, we’ve got gift ideas for you: the right canoe, new camping gear, and proper fitting hiking boots are all at the top of our list.


The Relaxer

Today’s busy, fast-paced lifestyle means we can sometimes forget to take a breather, and it can often be easier to remind others to do so than to take time out for ourselves. Father’s Day is a reminder that dads deserve pampering too. From comfy slippers to the smoothest whiskey to soft sweats, sometimes there’s nothing better than a relaxing night in.


Whatever you decide to get the fathers in your life, we at ATK Apparel wish them all a happy Father’s Day.

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