3 Kinds of Shirts to Wear with ATK Apparel’s Performance Shorts

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At ATK Apparel, we’re all about proper fit. We wanted shorts that hit just above the knee for men 5’8” and under—so we made them. From the gym to a backyard barbecue and anywhere in between, our Performance Shorts will fit comfortably without being baggy.

But what shirts should you wear with them? Our first rule of fashion is: wear what feels good. So, with summer just around the corner, here are 3 kinds of shirts we wear with our all-purpose Performance Shorts that make us feel good.

A classic white tee shirt looks great with ATK Apparel performance shorts

  1. The Classic T

Arguably the most versatile piece of clothing ever invented, you can’t go wrong with a soft cotton t-shirt. However, with nearly limitless options, finding the proper fit can be challenging—so we’re here to help.

For starters, you want to find the Goldilocks of collars: not too tight and not too loose. If the collar looks stretched out or if you can see some of your shoulder, it’s too loose.

The sleeves are the next most important part: they should hit around mid-bicep and lightly hug your arms.

Finally, you’ll want the hem to stop right around the waistband of your Performance Shorts. 

  1. Short-Sleeve Button Down

Gone are the days when the only short-sleeve button downs were ill-fitting and poorly made. From baseball-inspired shapes to a 90s homage to the bowling shirt, this is a surprisingly versatile piece of clothing. The key to picking the right one is proper fit and color and/or pattern. You’ll want to make sure the shoulder seams hit right at or slightly above the points of your shoulders. And, since our Performance Shorts have an eye-catching 3-D cube design, we’d suggest pairing them with plain, neutral colored shirts. 

  1. The Sleeveless T

Not just for the basketball court anymore, this comfortable warm-weather option can keep you feeling and looking cool. But don’t forget the golden rule of clothing: proper fit. With sleeveless t-shirts, you’ll want to find the best balance between snug and loose. The shirt should lightly hug your chest, and the hem should fall slightly below the waistband of your Performance Shorts.

At ATK Apparel, we know that when our clothes fit right, we feel good. Our Performance Shorts are comfortable without being baggy. We focus on fit so you don’t have to.


Photo by Hester Ras on Unsplash

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