2 Major Reasons Why Fit Matters in Athletic Apparel

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If working out is about working up a sweat, why should fit matter? We know that when our clothes fit right, we feel good—so we decided to explore the science behind the adage “Dress for success.” We discovered two major ways that proper fit and proportion enhance your performance and up your fitness game. 

Clothing affects confidence.

Have you ever been told by a boss or a teacher that you should dress for the job you want rather than the job you have? Yeah, us too. And it makes sense. If your clothes fit, you feel good. The right athletic apparel can increase your confidence, motivate you to work out harder, and encourage you to try new sports or exercises.

If you like how you look when you enter the gym, you are more likely to want to work out. We know that just putting on a pair of shorts makes us feel athletic. Not only because we mentally associate shorts with different kinds of sports uniforms, but because shorts actually allow for a broader range of physical movement. We can literally be more active in shorts.


Clothing affects performance


Clothing affects performance.

But how?

Scientists have been studying the idea of embodied cognition—the idea that we think with our bodies not just our brains—for years, but only recently did they discover the concept of enclothed cognition: that clothing affects our cognitive processes. 

Researchers found that participants who wore a white lab coat—a symbol of the medical profession and for the qualities of intelligence and diligence required to succeed in the field—were twice as likely to notice incongruities than those who didn’t.

Though in a minor way, the simple act of wearing a piece of apparel that participants thought belonged to a doctor helped them process information as though they were a doctor.

So what happens if you wear athletic apparel that makes you look and feel like an athlete? Not only will you want to go to the gym or play a sport, but your performance might be better too.

The right activewear really matters. Though our Flow Shorts feel weightless, they are not just about comfort: their moisture-wicking fabric keeps moisture away from your body. The same is true for our Performance Shorts. This means you can stay out longer on your morning jog or get through that extra rep at the gym.

The fit of your activewear can boost your confidence and enhance your performance. Athletic shorts that fit right feel good. At ATK Apparel we remove the guesswork to buying proper fitting shorts—we focus on fit so you can focus on fitness.


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